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(Message started by: Bob.Gibson on Aug 8th, 2018, 5:12am)

Title: Harmonica
Post by Bob.Gibson on Aug 8th, 2018, 5:12am
I'm trying t find a realistic Harmonica Sound.
I Downloaded/installed Gold Sound Base all the Harmonica Sounds are very unrealistic.
Is there any alternative?

Title: Re: Harmonica
Post by Tony Deff on Aug 8th, 2018, 10:56am
Welcome to the Forum, Bob.  Don't give-up on H.A. Gold Sound just yet!
It is true that in this day and age more realistic sounds are available ... provided you have the resources.   :-/

Many instruments can be made to sound more realistic by the application of attack/decay, tremolo and grace-note effects.  :)

If you download* the attached score extract, then view the harmonica part in Scroll Mode (Cntrl-G), you will see the greyed-out attack/decay marks.  
(Grey, because I selected them to be non-printable, therefore not visible in Page Mode).

If you double-click on one of the grey <> symbols, then on Edit Effects, you will see the parameters used.
In particular, for longer harmonica notes the decay represents the player's natural falling-off of breath pressure.
If any note requires emphasis, then you can apply a marcato (>) effect or change its velocity (General note option: double-click on a note).
Shorten a note's Pressure Time for a staccato effect.

It does require a bit of effort (trial-and-error) but once you have found a suitable improvement for a particular note length, H.A. will apply that setting to each future application of that effect.  You can also copy-paste a previous note with effect* then change its pitch as required.

* Using the Firefox browser, double-click doesn't open a file any longer; right-click and Save-As.  

* Notes can be copied with or without their effects by selecting/de-selecting the appropriate icon on the Action Tools palette.  

Title: Re: Harmonica
Post by muddle on Aug 9th, 2018, 6:01am
Interesting sound Tony.   I think the the dynamic markings   are a strong point of HA.   I use various high quality external sounds with HA but I still find myself adjusting the sound with these effects.  Luckily the note shaping is sent via midi as well.  They can affect quality sound fonts and  many VST's correctly.
I found it easiest to use scripts to make some preset volume shapes.
eg. staccato falling to various lower volumes ( rather than to just zero)  or volumes that rise,  or rise and fall,  to various levels.
 Following one of your suggestions, (I think it was you?)  I stored the scripts in a palette which sits conveniently visible.
The scripts change whatever notes or staves you select. And take account of whether the pressure length has been altered .  
I will dig out the basic script  ( but I had better check first  for any of  my usual errors!)   and put it here so it can be modified  by anyone interested.


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