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The Democratic Workshop is a new and convenient way to participate to a software product development.
We think our products are made for customers first, so it is normal to let them express their needs and act more upon the development process, by voicing their own grading or suggesting new features.

The latest, current or future improvements of our products are listed in the Democratic Workshop forum, and you can give your opinion.

By voting and arguing for (or against) a given item, you can change its importance in the wish list, and therefore speed up or slow down its actual development.
You can also suggest a still unlisted item, to make it appear in this list.

How to vote?

From the Democratic Workshop forum, participate to the poll located in each thread.

Vote "Yes" if this feature would be of interest for your own use, and if you consider it worth the work we'd spend on it.

Vote "No" if either this feature wouldn't be of any interest at all, or if it would be confusing, or if it can already been done easily enough by using the current version.

Please if you consider not to be concerned by the topic, or it wouldn't be useful for what you are doing with the software, just do not vote.

In any case, if you vote, you are strongly invited to also post a reply in the thread, explaining your opinion and the reasons why you chose to vote "Yes" or "No".

Anyhow, a great number of "Yes" votes for an item just shows the global interest of customers for this feature. A better value incites us to implement it more quickly, but can't be a guarantee we'll do it right now. It depends also on our own schedule, on the development complexity and on the other features we decide to include in the next version.

How to suggest a new feature?

Ensure first this feature is not already included in the current program version (search the documentation and try to find it within the program).

Then, from the Democratic Workshop forum, ensure it is not already available in one of the workshop sections.
If it is not, create a new thread in the "Request for new feature" section. Explain carefully and precisely what you would need, and for what reason. Then get ready to receive comments, questions or advices from the other users. Once everybody seems to agree, the forum administrator will then create a poll for it in the workshop section that fits the best.

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Harmony Assistant  Melody Assistant  Virtual  Singer OMeR 
Melody Player  SB Sound base Myriad Music plug-in
Would be written in MyrScript (Harmony Assistant only)
Development complexity
Easy  Quite simple  Quite hard  Very 

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