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The simplest way
to share your music scores

What is Myrweb?

Myrweb is both a file format to publish and share music scores, and an embedded app to manage these files seamlessly and transparently, without needing any install.

Simply, in a few clicks

From the Harmony Assistant score editor, or the file converter PDFtoMusic Pro, export your document in Myrweb format.

E-mail the result. The adressee will see and listent to your score on his computer, smartphone or tablet without needing to install anything

Myrweb files can also be directly included in your personal website, without needing any coding.

If you want to finely adjust the Myrweb export, you can have a look to the Myrweb advanced settings


Here is an example of score exported in Myrweb format from Harmony Assistant.

Guitar sounds have been generated by the Myriad HQ additional module

Jaime Romero
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