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Awale is one of the most ancient games still played. The Masai say that the Awale was invented by Sindillo, the son of the first man, Maitoumbe, and was originally called geshe.

This fascinating African game (also known as Awele, Oware, Wari, ...) has been very attractively adapted on microcomputer. Play against the computer and try to defeat him.

A very realistic game, with solid wood and clattering stones.
Awale is bilingual (English and French).

System requirements

This program requires Windows from 95 to 10 and above or MacOS X


Awale is freeware.
You don't have to pay anything to use it.

However, if you consider that the authors would deserve a small stipend for their work or for making available online and maintaining the game server, you can make a donation, of any amount you consider appropriate. 

If you live in Europe, enter the amount in euro in the "special order" field on this page, and enter "for Awale" in the "Comment" field.
If you live outside Europe, at the very bottom of this page, enter the amount in US$ (and still "for Awale" as comment).

Your support will be highly appreciated!

What is new?

Version 5.0

64-bit edition (32/64 on Windows)

Note that from version 5.0:
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000 is no more supported. An older version of Awale is provided for these OSes
  • maxOS PPC or 32-bit Intel are no more supported. An older version of Awale is provided for these OSes

Version 4.0
  • May 2013 update for Macintosh and Windows
  • Awale is now freeware

Version 3.4
  • November 2002 update for Macintosh and Windows
Version 3.3
  • August 2002 update for Macintosh
Version 3.2
  • New end game management. When you abort a game and have more than 24 stones, you win.
  • Miscellaneous minor bugs fixed.
Version 3.1
  • New server
  • Play music problem fixed.
Version 3.0
  • The Internet play has been completely rewritten. It now runs on our own server and provides a better speed and reliability.
  • ATP ranking is now managed directly by our server and gives you in real time  the current ranking and the connected player list: see the ATP Page
  • The Macintosh 68k version is no longer supported.
  • The Windows 3.1x version is no longer supported. Awale runs under Windows 95, 98, NT4 and 2000

Internet play

You can also play Awale on the Internet!
The game on the Internet is a wonderful opportunity to meet Awale players from all over the world.
Here are the available features :
        - Search for other Awale players on the Internet.
        - Talk to these players, consult their rating points, challenge them or accept their challenges.
        - Play an Awale game "live" with another player through the Internet.
        - See our Awale Internet Play International Ranking


We collected a wide range of links and miscellaneous resources about the Awale and its variations on the Internet. We decided to give you all of this material :
Click here to see the Awale-related resources on the Internet !

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