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DPDP (Digital Piano Daily Practice) helps you practice piano effectively and regularly. It requires a MIDI-connected digital piano and an internet connection.


DPDP allows you to:
  • track your daily and total practice time in real-time
  • display the notes and chord names played
  • record played sequences, either alone or superimposed on a previous recording
  • view or print recordings as sheet music
  • work on separate hands or sections
  • practice rhythm with a metronome (which can be vocal) or a drum machine
  • send recordings to your teacher for feedback
  • send emails to the support team or other individuals
DPDP also includes a "Quiz" mode where the pianist can practice playing increasingly complex chords.
The interface is user-friendly, and the features are designed to help musicians stay focused and motivated.

In trial version, practice time is limited by session. Purchasing a license from the software ( or ) automatically removes this limitation.

For more information, please consult the complete manual.

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