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Galerie runs on Mac OS X (10.2 to 10.4).

Galerie is Universal Binary

This program generates media gallery web pages from iPhoto, GraphicConverter, iView MediaPro, Extensis Portfolio 7 or from any set of pictures and/or QuickTime media files.

It is recommanded to download and use the latest templates with this version.

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Galerie is open-source.


Generating a web gallery using Galerie is very easy: Select pictures in iPhoto, GraphicConverter or iView MediaPro, click a button and the generated gallery is loaded into your web browser.

Collections of editable templates and many options are available to let you create a variety of different galleries. You do not need to know HTML language to use Galerie.

Various QuickTime compatible files (MOV, MID, WAV, AIFF, KAR... ) can be mixed with pictures by drag & drop. Movies, sounds, virtual reality panoramas, etc. will be played in a gallery page.

For each picture or media file, a comment can be added or edited.

The generated gallery can be sent to your FTP server.

A visitor counter is displayed on your gallery. Visitors can add comments on your gallery.

Available languages: French, English, German, Italian, Dutch and Japanese (partially).

You will find a Discussion Forum about Galerie here:


A complete manual is available.

What's new in this version ?


-  Adaptation for the changed handling of embedded QuickTime content by recent versions of Internet Explorer for Windows. (Not yet applied for popup windows.)
-  IPTC data from JPEG images can now also be used if available in the special format that is used by some versions of Adobe Photoshop.
-  Now also with QuickTime media in a gallery, zipped media files can be added for downloading.


-  Generated pages will now pass W3C validation for HTML 4.01 Transitional if templates v5.4.0 are used.
-  In Internet Explorer 6 for Windows navigation in vertical frames will now work as expected.
-  Better behaviour with navigation in frame galleries inside another frame.
-  Improved text size and window size computing for popup windows.


-  A problem fixed where non-Latin translations for "previous", "next" and "page" could stop gallery generation with a AppleScript error.
-  The QuickTime logo thumbnail for a sound file will now correctly replace a pre-existing thumbnail.


Galerie is freeware, so completely free of charge


See galleries on the Web: Click here to search galleries with Google

Download templates

You can download more templates and add them to the templates provided by default.

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