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The Gold Sound Database is a set of high-quality digital sounds, designed to be used in the Myriad software programs. The Gold Sound Database includes the whole sounds of the General Midi 2 specification, as well as many additional sounds.
Thus, the Gold Sound Database improves not only the quality of tunes the software plays, but also the quality of WAV, AIFF, Vorbis Ogg or MP3 files the software exports.

System requirements

The recommended configuration is the following :

For Mac OS:
-about 1 GB of free space on Hard Disk
-a PPC or MacIntel processor at 350 MHz
-Melody Assistant version 7.0 or more, or Harmony Assistant 9.0 or more
-about 64 MB of free memory
For Windows:
-about 1 GB of free space on Hard Disk
-a Pentium II processor at 400 MHz
-Melody Assistant version 7.0 or more, or Harmony Assistant 9.0 or more
-about 64 MB of free memory
For Linux:
- Tested on Ubuntu 17.10
-about 1 GB of free space on Hard Disk
-about 64 MB of free memory

Some samples

You can listen to the sounds provided in the Gold Sound base on a special demo page.
Please note : for downloading time reasons, samples are compacted in MP3 format so quality is lower than sounds provided.

Go to the GOLD Sounds demo page


The High Quality Sound Base GOLD is distributed in two modes. Regardless of the distribution mode, the functional result on your computer will be the same :

- Download version, sold (). A link to the downloadable version is provided once your order is processed. You can then download the file (about 500 MB) and install it on your computer.

- Flash drive version, sold (). A physical medium is delivered to your home by post mail, and you can install the GOLD Base from it.

All accepted payment methods are described here.


What is the difference between the Gold Sound Database and other sound databases in term of quality ?

For any of the digital instruments in a sound database, there can be several samples. For example, a low-pitched note of a piano does not sound the same as the stretched sound of a high-pitched note. In previous sound bases (GMSEBASE, GMWEBASE, GMLTBASE, etc), there was generally only one sample per instrument. In the Gold Sound Database, most of the instruments are made of several sounds, that will be selected according to the note pitch to be played. Some instruments, called "multi-layer", also include several sounds according to the velocity (power) of the note to be played, which brings more nuance in your dynamics. These sounds are maked in the sound list by an icon featuring several blue overlapped notes.

To reduce space and download time, old sound bases were packed using a "destructive" packing scheme. This packing results in a loss of quality in the sound (breath, distortion...). Sounds in the Gold Sound Database are packed using a lossless packing, and unpacked while installed. This is the guarantee of an optimal sound quality.

At last, on top of all the sounds of the General Midi 2 specification, the Gold Sound Database provides additional sounds, as well chromatic than percussive. These additional sounds are written in blue in the sound list.

What happens if I make a piece using the Gold Sound Database, then I send it to somebody who does not own this sound base ?

The matching instruments in the sound database of this person will be chosen instead of those you selected. A warning message will be displayed to tell him that the result might be different from what the author expected. However, sound database are designed to be compatible. Of course, the overall quality will be poorer without the Gold Sound Database.

What happens if I own the Gold Sound Database and I load a piece that has been created without it ?

When loading a .mus file created without the Gold Sound Database or when importing a MIDI, ABC file, etc., instruments are converted between old and new sound specification. You can define your own conversion settings through "Configuration>Sound base>Define preferred sounds". Of course, these settings do not affect the user instruments in the file (if any).

Is it better to order the Flash Drive or the Downloadable version?

Functionally, the result will be exactly the same. If your Internet connection is fast enough (cable or ADSL), the download version will be cheaper and will let you own the GOLD Base faster than by ordering a physical medium.

How to uninstall the GOLD Sound database ?

You can have to uninstall the GOLD sound database, for example if you sell your computer.
In the “Configuration>Sound database" menu, select the “Gold” sound database, then, in the same menu "Uninstall the current sound database". All files of the GOLD sound database will be erased.

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