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From here, you can search the Myriad site for words or phrases

Search tips:

  • By selecting/deselecting  the check boxes above the query field, you can restrict the search to parts of the site only, or to one or several languages.
  • The "Date" pop-up menu enables the search  to be restricted to only newly created/modified pages
  • Search is case-insensitive (does not differentiate upper and lower case)
  • In the query field, you can type in a simple query, separating the words by a space, as:
rest pause whole
  • These words will then be used in the search, independently from their order in page, and the result pages will be sorted by relevance, the pages including the more words being listed first.
  • If you need to search an exact phrase or group of word, include them into quote marks. For example, searching for:
"grace note"
  • will search for these two consecutive words in pages. "Grace note" will match, but "Note grace" won't.
  • You can also use boolean operators AND, OR, NEAR, TIED between words to get more relevant results:
    • AND means the two words must both be included in the page
    • OR means at least one of the two words can be included in the page (implied when separating words by spaces in simple query)
    • NEAR means the two words must both be included in the page, and the two words must not be too far away from each other
    • TIED means the two words must be one after the other in page (implied when including words in quote in simple query)
  • Parenthesis can also be used to prioritize boolean operations
Advanced search example:
"deal with" and (anacrusis or "incomplete bar")
It will output pages that contains the expression "deal with" and either the word "anacrusis" or the expression "incomplete bar"
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