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Special Offers

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Offer #1

Additional license for Harmony Assistant

If you already own a license for Harmony Assistant, and need a new one for another OS (Windows, Mac OS or Linux), you can order it at a discount price during a limited time period.

It can be especially useful if you own two computer, each of them under a different OS, for instance your desktop computer under Windows, and your laptop under Linux.
 Files created by Harmony Assistant are compatible between all OSes.

You can purchase an additional license for Harmony Assistant for US$50 (instead of 85) on the OS of your choice. This license is for you personally.
It is not possible to use this special offer to order a license for someone else

Your discount code is the first group of 5 characters in your current Harmony Assistant personal registration code. If you can't remember your registration code, please use our online form.

This offer is valid until the closing date and is limited to one new license for each Harmony Assistant license previously purchased at full price.

Please visit this page frequently to avail yourself of our next offers!

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