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You can download and try our programs for free, without time limit. If the software matches your requirements and you want to access all its features, you are invited to purchase the license fee.

As soon as your payment is received, we send you back by post or e-mail your license number (also called personal registration code).

Once entered in the software, this changes the version you own into a complete version.

Your personal registration number is valid for a lifetime on a given platform (Windows, Mac OS or Linux), for all the future versions of the product.

Purchasing by credit card

The fastest and most secure payment method is the credit card.
If you wish to purchase by credit card through the secure online service:

Purchase by
credit card

All payment methods

The following array indicates the way of proceeding depending on your country an your payment method.

USA and other non-European states
Europe (EEC+Switzerland)
Credit Card
Use the secure server to pay online.
Use the secure server service to pay online in euros.

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- Not recommended -
You can send us your payment by cash in US$, banknotes only, preferably by registered mail.
- Not recommended -
You can send us your payment by cash in US$ or euros, banknotes only, preferably by registered mail.

Due to random bank charges, risks of fraud and processing difficulty we can't accept wire transfers, money orders or cheques anymore. Please contact us if you don't have any other way of payment

Note: If you wish to pay by cash and your country does not belong neither to the Euro area nor to the US$ area, you can use the exchange rate calculator to perform conversion from euro. Be careful, coins are not accepted. Round the amount to the above banknote.


Here is a summary of the price for each of our products. All our prices include shipping:

In US$
In Euros
Registration code for
Harmony Assistant
Registration code for 
Melody Assistant
Registration code for
Virtual Singer
Registration code for
Myriad HQ
Registration code for
Registration code for
PDFtoMusic Pro
Registration code for
Hi-quality GOLD Sound base
  Download version
Hi-quality GOLD Sound base
Flashdrive version
Myriad Flash Drive


Whatever your country, shipping is included in the price.

Sales terms

Click here to consult sales terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I order Harmony Assistant, do I need to order Melody Assistant too?
No, all the capabilities of Melody Assistant are included in Harmony Assistant.

If I order a personal license number for a product, do I need to order the Myriad flashdrive too?
If you own a fast Internet connection (ADSL or cable), you won't need the Myriad flashdrive

I would like to receive my registration code quickly. How to proceed?
Use the credit card payment method and provide a valid e-mail address.

Do you have resellers in my city or country?
No. Our prices are low because we sell directly from designer to customer without using the traditional sale schemes.

If I order Melody Assistant, will I have a discount for Harmony Assistant later?
No, sorry. You have to chose right now.

Can I install the software on my desktop computer as well as on my laptop?
Yes. Licenses are personal, without limit about the number of install. Simply, only one copy of the software must be running at the same time.

If I switch from Mac OS to Windows (or vice versa), will I need to purchase another license?
Yes. Licenses are valid for a lifetime, but for a given kind of computer.

If I pay on the Internet, what will be the delay for receiving my license number?
In average, two working hours in our time zone (+1 GMT), with a maximum of two working days.

I payed on the Internet and I still do not have received anything. Why?
If your payment has been accepted, you should have received an e-mail.
If you do not receive any e-mail then probably you provided a wrong e-mail address, or you set up an anti-spam filter that blocks our messages.

If I purchase through "snail mail", what will be the delay for receiving my license number via e-mail?
In average, two working days. after we receive your payment.

If I purchase through bank transfer, what will be the delay for receiving my license number via e-mail?
In average, two working days after we receive from our bank the confirmation for your transfer.

Can I purchase a site license for a family, school, or other organization?
Yes. Contact sylvie@myriad-online.com and specify the number and type of computers.

What are the shipping and handling charges?
There are no such charges.

If I lose my license number, do I have to buy another one?
No. Licenses are valid for a lifetime. You can get back your registration codes again by asking for them on this page.

When a new version of the program is released, do I have to pay for the update?
No. Licenses are valid for all the new versions to come. Just download the new version and install it.

Do I have to pay a fee on music I 'll create?
No. Music you create are your complete property.

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